Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

Letter Jacket


There are 2 steps to personalizing your letter jacket:

1.     Embroidery

2.     Patches

Complete the Letter Jacket Embroidery form and take it with you to the embroiderer. See below for suggested embroiderers.  Payment for embroidery is not included in the cost of your jacket and will be handled between you and your embroiderer. All patches for 2017 were provided to you at the band banquet.  See the suggested placement for patches on the attached.   

Letter Jacket FAQ’s 

Do I have to get the jacket embroidered? No. Many students only want their patches sewn on their jackets and that is just fine. 

Where can I go to get my child’s jacket embroidered? Carmel Marching Greyhounds (CMG) has used two vendors in the past for our band jackets:

·         Indiana Custom Embroidery, 6438 Rucker Rd, (off Binford Blvd), Indianapolis, IN, Phone: 251-7792.  Contact:  Stacy.  Preferred Vendor of choice

           Toula’s Alterations, 1029 W. Main St, Carmel, IN, Phone: 846-5202.  Contact: Toula.  Note:  Toula’s will also sew on patches, but is more expensive than Kim’s.

If you have another contact, you are welcome to use them.   Don’t forget to complete the Letter Jacket Embroidery form and take it with you to the embroiderer.   

 How should I prepare the jacket to get it embroidered? It is important that the company doing the embroidery is aware of how many years you intend to have embroidered on the back of the jacket (from 1 to 4 years typically, but some students are in band for 5-6 years) in order to leave enough room for future years.  If you intend to have your jacket embroidered, it is a good idea to have this done first and then have the patches sewn onto the jacket.  There will be an extra charge to you if the embroiderer has to remove patches in order to fit the embroidery on the center/back of the jacket.  Do not assume that the embroiderer knows what you want.  Be clear and ask questions BEFORE the embroidery is done.  It will also help if you use the Letter Jacket Embroidery form provided. This order form has the standard wording as determined by the directors.   

How much will it cost to have the jacket embroidered? Approximate 2017 pricing is as follows.  Please contact the vendor directly for pricing.

·         Graduation year on sleeve: $5.00

·         Additional instrument on front of jacket: $4.00

·         The year and one line of embroidery underneath it on the back: $8.00

·         Each additional line: $5.00

Are there instructions on placement of patches on the jackets? Yes, but please realize that these are just suggestions. Please view Where do I put the patches on my jacket? link. 

I don’t sew, can I get help with putting the patches on the jacket? Yes, the following vendors have been used in the past:

·         Kim’s Alterations, 9 E. 126th Street, Carmel, IN  46033, Phone:  581-1632. Please contact them directly for pricing.

·         PJ’s Alterations, 614 S. Rangeline Rd, Carmel, IN 46032, Phone: 844-1192. We have received the following pricing for patches from PJ’s:

·         $5 big patches 

·         $2 small patch

·         $3 chevron 

·         $4 state circle patch 

·         $2 year on state 

·         $10 “C”

 Questions?  Email Dana Glock.