Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

In the Cards: The Story of the 2014 Marching Greyhounds

In the Cards:

The Story of the 2014 CHS Marching Greyhounds

The 2014 CHS Marching Band traditional year-end video is a work in progress: Short inspirational segments are focusing on the stories that make up one amazing experience for each of the students, staff and parents involved in this year’s production: In the Cards.

The stories are produced and directed by Jeff Young, the Marching Greyhound Visual Coordinator and owner of Dynamic Marching, a video production company that specializes in video instruction for high school bands. Jeff is a former CHS drum major (1990), whose father was the unofficial band videographer and photographer, and Jeff’s inspiration for this project.

A group of awesome parent volunteers has contributed to the shooting and editing of video:  The stories will be combined into one multi-segment year-end video, which can be ordered at the Band Banquet on November  19th and delivered by January 30th.






The First Time

235 students embarked on a 10-week journey in August to learn what they’re made of. Hear the first-time experiences of some of this year’s staff and students, leading up to the band’s first performance of In the Cards at Fishers High School on September 13, 2014. Can they achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves?







A Letter to Mom and Dad

Written and narrated by third year member, Annie Leer, this letter is to ALL the Marching Greyhound parents who have invested along with their students in the passion that is Carmel    Marching Band. Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad.






Band is Fun

Why do we do Marching Band? Written and narrated by Drum Major Abby Zetzl, the answer is simple: “Every time we don that uniform, we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves. And, you know what? That’s pretty fun” 






Put on a Uniform

What is it like to wear a uniform? What does it mean to wear the uniform of the Carmel Marching Greyhounds? Want to feel a part of something bigger than yourself? Put on a Uniform.








Performance starts with Preparation 

This is the fifth documentary video in our series on the Carmel Marching Greyhounds. This video is especially for parents and others who never get to see “behind the scenes” on what it is like to go through the warm-up sequence at a Bands of America event. This was shot specifically at the BOA Indy Super Regional 2014.








Traditions are a very important part of what we do!  This is our 6th video documentary segment following the Carmel High School Marching Band. This is a longer video than usual… It is hard to capture the many traditions of this group in a shorter one! Filmed and directed by James Lipe (CHS band parent). Edited by Jeff Young with Narration by Isaac Andrews (Baritone Senior).