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2015 Carmel Marching Alumni Awards

2015 Carmel Marching Alumni Awards
Alumni Award Presentation

Studies have shown that participation in music has positive effects on the grades, attitude, and behavior of students. We certainly see the positive effects in our students at Carmel High School.  Music, combined with the pursuit of excellence, the emphasis on teamwork, dedication, and commitment is all part of our marching program that equips our students for life in school and beyond.

We were pleased to recognize three outstanding alumni of the Carmel Marching Greyhounds who exemplify the lessons learned in our program within their professional lives and communities. Our nomination/selection committee was comprised of current and past band directors, current and past band parents, and current and past students.  The following Alumni awards were announced at the 2015 Carmel Marching Band Community Night on October 16, 2015.

The Rising Star Award goes to alumnus of Carmel Marching who graduated less than 10 years ago and is showing great promise in their field of work and community.  

This year, the Rising Star Award was presented to Mr. Chris Vazquez.  Chris graduated in 2006.  He was the Section-leader for the Saxophone section in his senior year.  Chris played the baritone sax solo in the “Suspended Symbols” show that won the 2005 BOA Grand National Championship. He then spent a year in Germany on a Congress-Bundestag Exchange Student Scholarship.  He returned to earn a Bachelor of Arts from Miami of Ohio University, with a double major in International and Latin American Studies and minoring in Music Performance.  Seeking more “Excellence in Life”, he then earned a Master of Arts in Education from Notre Dame University in Maryland.  He has taught the underprivileged, from the streets of the Dominican Republic to the inner-city schools of Baltimore. Currently in Maryland, he teaches math and SAT-prep to under-represented students to transform them into medical leaders.  Chris embodies the very essence of the Rising Star Award. Chris’ parents, Kay and Ben Vazquez, accepted the award on his behalf at Community Night.


The Carmel “C” Award is presented to an alumnus who is showing leadership and excellence in the field of music, music education, or the performing arts.

This year, the Carmel “C” Award was being presented to Mr. Scott R. Lindstrom.  Scott graduated Carmel High School in 2004. As a Carmel Marching Greyhound, Scott was revered by his fellow band-mates.  He played trombone and was chosen drum major in 2003, a result of his effortless and sincere people skills.  Scott is presently covering for a band director on medical leave and has been performing similar roles for several years.

He truly enjoys working in different schools and districts.  He is finishing a year’s residency in music composition for a church in the Chicago Loop, and works for a music company where he helps start band programs throughout Chicago, all while teaching private lessons.  Scott is pictured accepting his award.





The Richard Saucedo Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to a Carmel Marching Alumnus who graduated more than 10 years ago and who has demonstrated the concepts of pursuit of excellence, dedication, and commitment in their work, community, and life.

This year, the Richard Saucedo Distinguished Alumni Award was being presented to Dr. Phil Bonner of Seattle, Washington.  Phil is a 1998 graduate of Carmel High School, where he played trumpet.  

Phil graduated from Indiana University majoring in Microbiology and went on to a fellowship at the US Centers for Disease Control.  He received his Master’s Degree in Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the London School of Tropical Medicine.  Phil traveled the globe studying and controlling infectious disease outbreaks in complex political situations and conflicts.  He received his MD at the Medical School for International Health at Columbia University in New York City.

Phil later worked as a medical trainer in Nome, Alaska, for the Alaska Health Aide Program, training local villagers in basic health care needs. Currently, Phil is an internal medicine hospitalist working at Providence Alaska Medical Center.

Upon being nominated Phil stated, “Mr. Saucedo was absolutely (and honestly, still is) a central figure to my developing social, academic, and professional maturity. Mr. Saucedo has given this inspiration to literally thousands of students and the nomination alone is immensely meaningful.  Thank you.”  At Phil’s request, Mr. Pote accepted the Award for him.

Congratulations to the Carmel Marching 2015 Alumni Award winners!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the award process.