Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

Special Announcement – July 4, 2011

Band Boosters Special Thank You! 
Marching Band Car Wash Fundraiser
July 4th, 2011

Just want to give a huge THANK YOU to all our band members and parents who volunteered their time Saturday to help make the car wash such a huge success! Our financial team is in the process of tabulating our proceeds, and we will communicate the total raised once that has been determined, but please know that this year’s car wash is most likely going to be one of the best single day fundraising efforts this band has ever conducted!! JOB WELL DONE!

I would also like to give special recognition to the following individuals who helped organize or coordinate various aspects of the car wash:

Terri Miller…our unbelievably fabulous car wash chair
Lisa W. Jones…Planning assistance and volunteer chair
Sheila Morone…Volunteer recruitment
Kathy and Bill Sasseman who pre purchased and coordinated all cleaning supplies
Dave and Marla Ostermeyer who coordinated and facilitated towels being dried for reuse on the lines
Chris Kniola who spent the entire day at the laundromat drying those towels
Jennifer Riley Simone and her publicity committee
Greg Pergal who designed the publicity poster and ticket
Greg and Kathy Pergal who painted “day of” advertising signs
Jim and Dan Alred who coordinated our Pep Bands
Brad Yount…Car Wash DJ
Ernie and Pam tent chairs
Ernie Verbarg and Maris Karklins…grill masters
Chris Duffy…early AM food tent assistance/Ice pick up
Amy Prill and Christy Baugh…bake sale chairs
Rhiannon Miller and Andy Cherolis…snow cone sale coordinators
Lisa W. Jones….Marsh stores’ sales coordinator
Christy Pawlovich and Nancy Hahn…Check in coordinators & same-day Ticket sales coordinators
Kevin Cosgrove and Tim Dawson…Traffic logistics
Joe Pfister and Shawn Spence…Line Supervision Chiefs
Angela Vonderohe…9 to 11 Shift Coordinator
Mike Remley…11 to 1 Shift Coordinator
Mike Sheek…1 to 3 Shift Coordinator

I also want to give a special thank you to all the spirit moms who helped distribute and track ticket sales within their sections. Your assistance was absolutely crucial to the success of this event! And finally, a big thank you to our Drum Majors, Kathryn Dawson, Nick Vasuta and McKenzie Gerber who assisted us in student recruitment, testing all the hoses and sprayers and most importantly, for working the lines the entire day setting an shining example of the excellence that is Carmel Marching. And to all the parents who worked the line or took tickets or who helped with the food tent and bake sale all in the heat and hot sun. …you were amazing….again, thanks for such a great effort in support of our kids and our program!

Just a few quick follow up notes to answer some questions that have been raised…a few parents who signed up to volunteer were not called to help out….we had an overwhelming response to our request for assistance with the car wash! If you had volunteered for several other things in addition to the car wash, we filled spots with parents who needed to work the car wash to fulfill their volunteer requirement. Also, there were band members spending June at summer camp, abroad visiting family, etc. The question has been asked, what if my child did not sell their tickets? A friendly reminder…2011 band fees are $1200. If your child sold 10 tickets, you will receive a $100 credit to your account, and you will not make the $100 November payment. If your child did not sell any tickets, you will simply make the $100 November payment. Your child will receive credit for any tickets sold! By way of example, if your child sold 3 tickets and turned in $30, then your account will be credited for that amount and your November payment will be only $70. Remember that any tickets sold in excess of the first 10, will be treated as a 50/50 fee reducer with $5 going to your student’s account and $5 going to the general band fund.

Finally, since this fundraiser was such a success, it is likely we will repeat it again in the future. If you worked the line or any other aspect of yesterday’s event, and have any suggestions as to how we can improve a future car wash, please email your suggestions to Terri Milller.

Again, I cannot thank everyone enough for their assistance and participation in making this event such a huge success.

Lisa Harbour
Band Booster President

Thank you for your support of Carmel High School Band Programs.