Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

Special Announcement – March 28, 2011

Band Boosters Special Announcement 
March 28, 2011

Jazz a la mode Volunteers:

 Hi, Carmel Band Family!
My name is Joe Pfister, and, as VP Jazz Bands for CHS Band Boosters, Inc., my role is to support the Directors and members of CHS’ four (4) jazz bands. 
Support in this case is for ”Jazz a la mode” – an annual three-night extravenganza of LIVE music, including special guest vocalist Mrs. Ann Conrad.
The shows are APRIL 14-15-16, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY in “Club P105″ (aka the Band Room) at Carmel High School.
Doors open at 6:30 PM, with pie, topped with whipped cream, and coffee, water, soft drinks served at your table.
With an estimated 600 guests over 3 nights, this mega-event is a logistical, theatrical, and hospitality challenge -

  • Designing, printing, and distributing advertising, including Locker Signs for our 88 Members.
  • Getting donations of 80 pies and hundreds of drinks
  • Setting up 50 card tables and 10 long tables and 310 chairs
  • Preparing and cutting 80 pies, preparing four (4) giant coffee makers nightly
  • Serving pie and drinks to for up to 310 guests per night in just one hour!
  • Selling tickets at the door
  • Making sure everyone who enters has a tickets
  • Keeping the big crowd happy and calm and safe
  • Dealing calmly with the inevitable challenges that arise with any BIG event such as this.
  • Making VIP guests, including teachers, administrators and directors’ families, FEEL like VIPs.

Well, that’s what putting on “Jazz a la mode” is.

Make it happen for our hard-working Members who have been rehearsing every morning at 7:00 since December.

Go to JAZZ A LA MODE and be a part of it!

Excellence in Music and in Life, joe

   Thank you for your support of Carmel High School Band Programs.