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Special Announcement – November 19, 2011

Band Boosters Announcement 
November 19, 2011 

Macy’s Trip Notice for Students

Reminder:  All students traveling to NYC need to pack the 3/4 zip fleece distributed at the end of practice yesterday as they will be required to wear it during dress rehearsal for the parade!!

Macy’s Trip Additional Reminders
The COUNT DOWN is on!   We are sure you all are making final arrangements, packing lists and all that goes along with a trip of this nature. We have some additional reminders for you:  
1.  The early morning rehearsal is forecasted to be the coldest period of the week. We suggest that students wear LONG UNDERWEAR under their blacks. Band members will remember how cold they were during the game Friday night; so, they will know – long underwear is a good thing. 
2.  All students and adults going on the trip are to park at the stadium. After unloading luggage, carry-ons, instruments, flags and weapons, drivers should proceed to the stadium lot.  The walk up the trail can take as long as 15 minutes, so please be prepared and give yourself plenty of time to unload, park and walk back up the trail.   
3.  We have news to share with all of our fans who are going on the dinner cruise. We know some parents expressed an interest in eating Thanksgiving Dinner with their child.  We have limited seating on the student level of the boat. This is a group trip and our top priority is ensuring that  the band and guard eat together with their chaperones. As a result, we, unfortunately, do not have enough space for all parents and students to eat together on the main level of the boat.  The student level will seat 240 students, chaperones and 18 additional people.  The Fan level of the boat will house approximately 140 individuals. In order for all parents/fans to have a chance to sit with the students, we instituted a LOTTERY for all of our cruise ticket holders.  Those winners are: 
Lisa Alred                 Dan Alred
Jim Alred                  John Ridge
Robin Ridge              Brad Ridge
Deb Carpenter         Christie Pawlovich
Randy Pawlovich      Timothy Pawlovich
Jody Hook                Katherine Hook
Luke Hook               Matt Hook
Anna Grace Hook    Joanne Albright
Lisa Jones               Eric Schlorff
To sit on the student level, the parents/adult fans listed above will have to agree to “No alcohol consumption” during dinner while on the student level of the boat.  The Fan level will have alcohol available to all of those over 21 (all those appearing to be under 40 will be carded.)  To confirm or decline your Lottery Winnings, please contact Lisa Harbour at  If the above individuals wish to decline to opportunity to sit with the students, the following individuals are the Lottery winner alternates:
Drew Greene             Kim Greene
Larry Greene             Sydney Greene
David Ostermeyer     Marla Ostermeyer
Matt Ostermeyer       Christy Baugh
Mark Baugh               Reilley Baugh
To accept or decline your Lottery Winnings if space becomes available, please contact Lisa Harbour at 
Both levels of the boat will have the full buffet and dancing music.  And, everyone will be able to mingle throughout the cruise on both levels. Thank you for supporting Carmel Bands.


Pat Gerber’s Blog #7 November 19, 2011

Those three letters say it all – Wow, what a night!  Having 2 children go through the band (not concurrently), I’ve seen a band performance or two.  I was fortunate enough to have my older daughter in band during the Fall 2005 season – the last year that Carmel won Grand Nat’s.  When I think back to that show, that night’s performance, and that night’s awards I still get chills.  Many events stand out in my life as ones I will never forget – of course the birth of each of my three children, job promotions, family events, etc.  The Grand Nat’s of 2005 is one of those special memories.  I was sitting in the crowd with my younger daughter listening to the announcer slowly go up the list of placements.  Each time a school was ready to be called, I said to myself…”Not Carmel, Not Carmel”.  And in third place…..”Not Carmel, Not Carmel”…my blood pressure was rising.  Kenzie and I were growing more excited by the second.  And in second place…..”Not Carmel, Not Carmel”……and of course second place was not Carmel. I don’t actually remember any of the other top placing bands – I just remember the feeling and excitement of hearing, “And in first place, Carmel Marching Greyhounds”!!! The crowd went crazy – everyone went to the field to congratulate the kids.  It was so special.
Now flash forward to November 2011, this time sitting with my older daughter who had experienced a big win at Grand Nat’s and many Carmel parents, there was such anticipation that the kids would really perform the show the best they have all season.  We sat on the edge of our seats, nodded with the beat, and cheered when we knew the kids had “hit” the key components of the show.   I looked up and saw the Walled Lake Band students doing the Double Dream Hand dance and was so impressed with their encouragement of our kids.   When the band finished, a round of thunderous applause broke out (not just from the Carmel parents) and there was not a dry eye around me. I could feel it again.  It was 2005, it felt “right”.  The kids had done all they could to show the judges that they deserved a high ranking.
When the announcer again began his pronouncements of awards…and in twelfth place….again I started with “Not Carmel, Not Carmel”.  I am sure John Vasuta, sitting in front of me was thinking – what the heck?  But I kept it up.  And when it was announced that there was a tie for best music – we knew.  We just knew.  And when Carmel was announced for best music, it was as if we had won again – just like in 2005.  We all knew what a huge accomplishment it was for our kids and the directors to get that award.  So no matter whether Carmel ever actually gets possession of the award, there is a picture that memorializes the accomplishment.  But it really doesn’t matter if we have a trophy or a picture, I have a new memory. Thanks for the ride, Carmel Marching Greyhounds!


Updates to Photo Galleries
The SmugMug and Shawn Spence photo galleries have been updated to include many nice pictures from Grand Nationals.  The link to SmugMug is on our website and the password is 3xc3ll3nc3.  Shawn’s photo gallery includes a nice high quality image of the picture at left and is available for dowloading.  It is formatted for 8×10 printing.  This and the many other images in the photo galleries are available to commemorate our successful marching band season.  See Shawn’s gallery at: