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Special Announcement – October 28, 2011

Band Boosters Announcement 
October 28, 2011


The Heart of a Greyhound
“Music is one of the most beautiful forms of expression…it says what the heart cannot always put into words….it takes us to places that have no roads.” ~ Author Unknown
As parents, some of our favorite days are the ones we get to spend time watching our Marching Greyhounds pursue something they love.  These young adults show up day after day, week after week with the goal of learning how to march and play in order to create something that touches the heart.  They learn to perform drill, “body and what it means to blend.  How to project, twirl, and move.  How to snap, “dut”, and keep their feet on the hands!  They are committed to themselves, to each other, to Excellence.  It takes heart to understand that your actions, be they large or small, have the ability to impact others.  And OH, how they impact!  They inspire.  They motivate.  They stir hearts.  
One of our Greyhounds stirred many hearts in her own way recently.  Brittany Pugh, a senior piccolo player, found herself leaving the practice field and taken to the emergency room to find that a small portion of her intestine had twisted, and required surgery.  Within days, on the day she was dismissed from the hospital, Brittany was found on a barren practice lot, learning her “dots” for the third movement.  While no one would have faulted Brittany for taking additional time to recuperate after such a frightening experience, she showed the passion and drive that has come to define the young men and women of the Marching Greyhounds.  
They fight, they persevere, they push through their aches and pains to continue for a greater cause than “self”.  They lead by example, they march for the greater good of the group.  They show up every day for practice (regardless of rain, cold, or sweltering heat), putting in hours and hours of time on top of their schoolwork and other obligations.  They come back days after surgery not so they can win accolades and trophies, they do it because that’s who they are.  They can’t NOT do it.  They understand the importance of being part of a group that values hard work, dedication, and a pursuit of excellence on and off the field.  Brittany is a prime example that NOTHING can hold our Carmel Marching Band Members down and NOTHING can keep them from what they love.  They exemplify in every way what it means to have the “Heart of a Greyhound”.
At the close of this season, the Greyhounds will have the incredible opportunity to visit New York City as part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  While in NYC, the group will attend a Broadway rendition of the musical “Wicked”.  ”For Good” is one of the show’s most beloved songs and is a wonderful way to depict the experience of being a part of this truly amazing group that has left a (DoubleDream!!) hand print on our hearts.  
Carmel Marching Greyhounds: “Because we knew you……we have been changed for good”.
-Amy Prill
Brittany is one of many examples of our kids that have the “heart of a greyhound.” Unfortunately, some of these kids are experiencing some financial challenges that may prevent them from going on the Macy’s trip. Please consider making a donation to assist these students. All donations are tax deductible.  If you would like to donate by check: mail your donation to: Carmel Band Boosters, ℅ “Drum Major Fund” PO Box 65, Carmel IN 46082.  If you wish to donate via Pay Pal, click on the link below: