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Weekly Announcement – November 17, 2011

Band Boosters Announcements 
November 17, 2011

ISSMA Solo and Ensemble forms are due by the end of the school day on Monday, November 28th. Forms are available in the band room.  See Mr. Pote if you have any questions.
SCRIP pickup will be today 5-6pm at the practice lot if the kids are outside, and in the band hallway if the kids are inside.  We’ll have cards available for immediate purchase as well.  Also, a reminder that there will be no SCRIP pickup on Thanksgiving.


A GUARD                                     WORLD GUARD
1. Kristie Coyne                          1. Sally Ware
2. Willow Westepod                     2. Sami Schweiger
3. Emily Stiglich                          3. Kate Knopp
4. Connor Alexander                   4. Samantha Plummer
5. Colleen Duffy                         5. Makenna Cook
6. Lydia Watson                          6. Paige Roberts
7. Rida Asim                               7. Nikki Sass
8. Holly Vasuta                           8. Haley Fisher-Gest
9. Sydney Ottinger                      9. Kourtney Tevis
10. Halee Maslyk                        10. Erika Smith
11. Jessica Hildreth                     11. Kaite Maibie
12. Sammi Podolyan                   12. Jackie McGraw
13.Erin Raver                             13. Maddy Scott
14. Emily Eckyl                           14. Nina Moore
15. Alexis Hicks                          15. Sarah Yoakum
16. Kelsey Golden                       16. Nicole Von Ah
17. Devon Golden                       17. Shayna Melemed
18. Madison Carpenter                18. Rachel Zimmer
19. Devyn Raver                        19. Erin Rowe
20. Annie Harrison                      20. Maddie Bertyl
21. Mackenzye Penn                   21. Lucy Cottrell
22. Natalie Brand                        22. Hannah Sheets
23. Ashlie Sass                           23. Katie Connery
24. Beatriz Martinez                    24. Emily Dye
25. Renee Miller                          25. Callie Daet
26. Allison Smith                         26. Emily Timmons
27. Lexi Wozniak                        27. Rachael Patch
28. Kelly Wheeler                       28. Jenna Voris
29. Rachel Carfagna                   29. Marissa Plummer                                      
30. Melissa Horton                      30. Shannon Roberts

The 2012 Winter Guard Season is upon us and will include THREE Carmel Guards!!  It’s official we will be adding a Carmel “A” Guard this year. It is so exciting that we have 100 girls in our guard programs between the H.S. & JV Guard.  We are growing exponentially and want to make sure that we offer every girl the opportunity to participate year round and perform in the winter guard programs.We will be having 3 guards in our program this winter:
2. “A” GUARD
This weekend (Nov. 18/19th) the World Guard starts their 2012 production.
These are some of our upcoming rehearsals…
-        November 28th (Monday)
o   6:50am Guard class resumes (A & World Guard)
o   “A” Guard – Rehearsal 6:00-9:00pm 
-        November 29th (Tuesday) 
o   World Guard CHOREOGRAPHY CAMP** 5:00-9:00pm
-        November 30th (Wednesday)
o   6:50am Guard Class (A & World Guards)
o   World Guard CHOREOGRAPHY CAMP** 5:00-9:00pm
o   “A” Guard- 6:00-9:00pm 
-        December 1st (Thursday)
o   World Guard CHOREOGRAPHY CAMP** 5:00-9:00pm
-        December 2nd (Friday)
o   6:50am Guard Class (A & World)
o   “A” Guard- 6:00-9:00pm
o   “World” Guard- OFF
-        December 3rd (Saturday)
o   World Guard 10:00-6:00pm
o   A Guard 10:00-4:00pm
-        December 5th (Monday)
o   “A” Guard 6:00-9:00pm
-        December 6th (Tuesday)
o   6:50am Guard Class (A & World)
o   World Guard 6:00-9:00pm
*** WORLD & A GUARD PARENT MEETING @ 7:00pm Greyhound Station, December 6th***



Year End DVDThe 2011 Going Viral Year-End DVD order forms are now available! Orders are due December 3rd.  You may also order last year’s Stop and Smell the Roses DVD.  For more information and to download the order form, go to the website: DVD


Commemorate this ‘Going Viral’ season with a keepsake ornament. Each ornament has the QR code, the show’s title and year, yellow shimmery ribbon to symbolize the guard’s costume, black and white ribbon to symbolize the QR code, and a royal blue ribbon to symbolize the band’s uniforms. Each ornament is filled with black, white, and yellow glass beads and each ornament also contains a glass red star bead to symbolize the trip to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “Carmel Marching Band” ornament is filled with blue, black and silver glass beads and has musical note ribbon, silver, and royal blue ribbon. Price for the ornaments is $10 each and all proceeds go to the band and guard. Ornaments will be delivered at the band banquet on Nov. 14.  See the home page of the website for more information.  You can pay by check by delivering the order to Kim Ware or you can buy with PayPal or a credit card using the link on the website.

Group Photos, Inc. is Macy*s official photographer and is offering our band the opportunity to pre-purchase 8×10 high quality photographs at $20 each.  With the pre-purchase of three photos, a video DVD and shipping are included free.  This offer expires on Thanksgiving Day.  We are offering this as a courtesy to our Membership, the Band Boosters have no business relationship with Group Photos, Inc.  See the website for more information and how to order:  MACY*S PICTURE OFFER.  Please note that orders should be made online directly with Group Photos. The band WILL NOT be submitting a group order for this picture offer!
BAND PHOTOS – SmugMug – Where are They?
To see the wonderful, inspiring images of our Members and Staff, go to WEBSITE, click “Band Photos”, click “SmugMug Galleries”, click “SmugMug”, enter password “3xc3ll3nc3″.  SmugMug is a generous corporate citizen, providing this $160 a year professional photographer’s site for free to us.  You can download all images, and even order prints from SmugMug, if you like.  They are pros; you  won’t be disappointed.  Thanks to Shawn Spence Photography for his truly professional contributions from Grand Nationals.  You can see the most recent pictures at:  Dream Hands Slideshow. Questions? Email Joe Pfister.



Hi Everyone:
Congratulations on such an incredible performance at Grand Nats.  I was there rooting you all on and you ROCKED IT!!!  I enjoyed the show so much.
Take care,
Dr. Tammy


A special THANK YOU to all the families that volunteered to host the Walled Lake kids during Grand Nationals.  Their time and generosity really made for a very special experience for all the kids in both bands.  Please join me in thanking the many families, Mary Ann & Dan Allison, Catherine Anderson, Melinda Bertl, Kevin & Diana Cosgrove, Anne Marie & George Cottrell, Suzanne & Chris Duffy, Bill Eagleson, Sue & Bob Eckl, Barbara-Anne & Steve Fleming, Millie & Tax Georgiadis, Ellen German, Cyndy & Kenn Henry, Caryn & Shane Hildreth, Kristy & Tony Marichal, Tami & Brian Maslyk, Wendy Melemed, Colleen & Steve Nobis, Angela Ockerman-Jones, Kimberly Paarlberg, Allen & Laura Patterson, Christy Pawlovich, Brenda & Joe Pfister, Jennifer & Lee Raver, Virginia and Guillermo Rodriguez, Bill & Bev Sass, Scott & Annette Sauder, Karen & Bill Scott, Marty & Scott Smith, Myra & Wesley Watson, Audrey Yoakum, Ed & Sherri Zimmer, Bill & Debra Andrews, Ilene & Richard Arends, Marchelle & Chet Berry, Diane & Greg Borgard, Deb Carpenter, Laura & Jim Corry, Kathy & Chris Crawford, Stacy & Aaron Ellsworth, Kim & Larry Greene, Lisa & Dale Harbour, Sandy & Tim Hodges, Kathi & Scott Johnson, Susan & Chris Kniola, Ann Knopp, Joey & Phill Lawless, Sandy Maggioli, Dawn & Brian McGrath, Marla & Dave Ostermeyer, Greg & Kathy Pergal, Janet & Ray Piedmonte, Kim & Lonnie Powell, Amy Prill, Jennifer Riley Simone, Lisa & Scott Santee, Gina & Jim Spall, & Susan & Kevin Toner.

Thank you to all the families that donated soda pop and came early to help set up for the Pasta Party during Grand Nats.!  Thank you to our corporate sponsor, Fresh Market, who provided that fabulous spaghetti dinner! And also, a very special thank you to Amy Prill who baked and decorated the beautiful theme cakes served for dessert that night! They were amazing…the QR code cake actually scanned!!  Thank you Bill Sass and Kelly Freeman who helped plan the Walled Lake party and who took care of all the last minute emergencies.  And thanks to our Sound/Video Engineer, Cameron Freeman who provided the audiovisual entertainment system for the evening. 

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