Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

Blog #4: Whatever it Takes, October 12, 2001

Whatever It Takes

This is undeniably a busy time of the year for all of us.  In addition to the band activities that include daily practices, weekly performances, fundraisers, and planning for the Macy’s trip, I would assume that we all have other things in our lives!  Yes, some of us have jobs we must go to each day, children to care for (possibly even other children who are not in band!), a household to keep organized, and for those of us with children not yet driving….a taxi to drive!  And, surprisingly, the rest of our world does not stop – so there are birthday presents to buy, classes to take, and in-laws to visit.  The parents all have that same glazed look and appear perplexed at this time of the year, just look around as you pick your child up from practice and listen to the conversations.

 “When is the next performance?  How much more money do I owe for t-shirts?  So are the kids supposed to bring their blacks on Friday and Saturday? Were we supposed to get food truck tickets to sell?”

 So how do the band families get through this busy time?  We learn from the kids!  Whatever it takes, the whole band must stay focused and energized.  Assuming the guard girls in the picture are meditating, praying, or just taking a nap, they are certainly finding a way to get ready for the next performance!  So when you see a Mom or a Dad in this position in the parking lot outside of Center Grove (yes, that is where we are on October 15), just know that she/he is doing whatever it takes to be ready for this very important competition. And one of the components of a great performance is the energetic and supportive families behind the kids.  GoCarmel!

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