Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

Blog #2: The Face of Determination, September 28, 2011

The Face of Determination



Avon. Yes, Avon. Many of us who have been in the band a bit longer may not always have the fondest thoughts when we hear the name “Avon”. Not that we don’t love healthy competition, strong competitors, and a “big sound”, but we all know that Avon band has become a bit of a nemesis for the Marching Greyhounds. The directors made the decision to head to their town, play on their turf, and present our program at this point in the season to the Avoncommunity. Just making this move, in and of itself, caused a few more butterflies for students and parents. But, no, just making this tactical decision to go TOAvon was not enough…..we had to do it in the middle of a downpour! Parents and fans in the stands were questioning whether the band would really continue to march towards the stadium, do all parts of the show, and even risk the playing of the expensive and sensitive bassoon. To everyone’s surprise and excitement – they did!




Not only did the band perform, but they performed beautifully! Beginning with the look of determination on Kathryn’s face as she turned to acknowledge the announcer with the rain driving almost sideways around her, all of the band members and guard girls were not going to let the rain dampen this big night. To see Sally “pull the band across the field” and actually catch the slippery rifle after throwing it high into the air showed that the kids were ready to show their stuff.




At the end of the show the spectators, and band parents were soaked, but the applause was no less because of it. We had seen what will be. This is going to be a great year, and it is a great show. And it all began with a look of determination.

Pat Gerber