Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

Spirit Mom’s – Dad’s Are Welcome Too.

What are spirit moms (and dads)? They are the cheerleaders for our marching greyhounds! They hang locker signs and section signs in the Band Hall. They make and distribute spirit bags on competition day and help coordinate sectional breakfasts the morning of ISSMA State finals. Traditionally spirit moms have a small gift for each student, usually some sort of remembrance keepsake summarizing the season, such as a filled photo album, framed group photo, etc. These small gifts are placed at the student’s dinner seat at the season end banquet, in November.

What’s a locker sign? A locker sign is literally a sign that’s base is usually poster board. The sign typically will indicate the student’s name, instrument, graduation year or class (ie senior, 2010). Sometimes it will have a photo of the student and/or their entire section. The signs are laminated and taped (all four sides!) to the locker. Make sure the sign does not obstruct the locker from opening nor the accessibly of the combination lock.

What is a section sign? A section sign is a large banner/sign that is hung in the Band Hall way. It usually indicates the students’ names and instrument and includes a group photo of all section members. The sign is decorated to coordinate with this season’s show theme.

What is a spirit bag? A spirit bag is a bag (or some sort of container) with a healthy snack and drink. Sometimes the bag contains a trinket or memento as well. There is a spirit bag for each member of the section and is distributed prior to their boarding the competition bound buses. Examples of healthy snacks are cheese sticks, chewy granola bars, trail mix, fruit, fruit snacks. No Chocolate, please. Drinks should be water or a Gatorade type drink – no sodas.

How do we pay for all this stuff? A monetary donation for food and supplies is typically requested from the section parents. Before you make any purchases, please review the Treasurer’s Guidelines and print a copy of the tax exempt form. Both of these can be found on the “forms” page of this website.

Traditionally a sectional breakfast is held the morning of the ISSMA state finals. The breakfast is held at a volunteer host family’s home and breakfast items are donated by other section parents. Also, historically parents have presented their student with a gift of their own choosing commemorating or wishing good luck for the day’s competition.

Lastly, a healthy snack is offered at the after-school rehearsals at the stadium, commencing in August. Sections provide a weeks worth of snacks on a rotational basis. Wonder which week your section is responsible for snacks? View the spirit mom snack calendar.

If you would like to volunteer to be a spirit mom (each section has many, not just one!) or if you have any questions, please contact the Spirit Mom Coordinator.