Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

Parents Pep Band

The Parent Pep Band is a group of parents (and alumni parents) of marching band members.  We enjoy playing and supporting our kids by getting them fired up by playing at the marching band send-offs.

We arrive and set up about 30 minutes before the buses leave and play until the buses pull away.  You have to be there to drop off your kids anyway, so why not hang around and playwith the PPB until the buses leave?

There are usually about 8 send-offs in a year, and for the last few years we have played at one of the early pitch-ins.  And yes, the directors do play with us sometimes. We play typical high school and college pep band music; some charts are pretty easy, some are more challenging.

We practice weekly during the marching band season (September through November) and monthly most of the rest of the year (January through August). Practices are from 7:15 PM to 8:30 PM in (or near) the CHS Band Room.

Players of all instruments are welcome!  If you play one of the larger instruments and don’t have your own horn, we can probably find one for you to use.  Tell us and we’ll see what we can do.

Players of all abilities are welcome!  No one has been kicked out of the PPB because of lack of playing ability.  We encourage you to come and re-learn how to play. Even if you haven’t played since high school or college, you’ll be surprised how fast it comes back.

Don’t be concerned if you have to miss a practice or a send-offnow and then because of work.  We all have to miss occasionally. Attendance isn’t mandatory. Show upat any of the advertised practices, or call Jim Alred at 580-0216 or email him for more information.