Carmel Bands, Carmel, Indiana

Junior Varsity Guard

In September 2007, the Carmel JV Color Guard was premiered during the winterguard season. Ten seasons later, this fundamentals program is one of the integral building blocks of the Carmel Color Guard program.

Girls & Boys, 6-8 grade, who are currently attending Carmel, Clay, or Creekside Middle schools are eligible to participate. If you, or someone you know is interested in trying something new, making new friends, performing, and having tons of fun, please email us at



   (What am I getting myself into?!)

Color Guard is a unique blend of athleticism and performance art.

The Carmel JV Color Guard targets those individuals who are currently 6th, 7th, or 8th graders in the Carmel Clay School District. The members of the Carmel JV Color Guard will be trained in basic flag, rifle, and dance technique, while also learning choreography for a four minute show. The Carmel JV Color Guard participates in the Indiana High School Color Guard Association. This group competes in the “Cadet” Class which is made up of local middle school color guards. The guard will perform the show in local high school gyms to recorded music.

**The JV will be trained by staff members, and alumni, of the Carmel High School Color Guard.

What will members learn?

The lessons learned as a member of the color guard extend well beyond the physical spinning and dancing techniques that are taught. While these are important, more important are those “not-so-obvious” attributes and skills members will gain such as: Teamwork, Strength (physically, mentally, and emotionally), Perseverance, Confidence, Dedication, FUN, Excellence, Pride, Passion, Leadership, Time- Management, Creativity, and a High Standard of Personal Achievement.

The JV Color Guard is also a training ground to have members move up into the Award Winning and World Champion Carmel H.S. Fall guard and Carmel H.S. Winter Guard programs once they enter high school.

Who Joins Color Guard?

The Color Guard brings together many different types of people, with many different backgrounds and levels of experience. There is no one “color guard type.” Becoming a member of the color guard helps individuals to meet and become friends with people they may not have known otherwise. Because the color guard boasts such a diverse population, members are able to learn a variety of new ideas and skills simply by learning from each other.

Can BOYS join the Color Guard?

The Carmel Color Guard is open to all Girls AND Boys! We are recruiting as many boys as we can find this year to perform in our rifle line.  There are thousands of males all over the country that love performing in color guard.

Why should I/my child join the Color Guard?

⚐ To try something new

⚐ To have FUN!

⚐ To make new friends from all three middle schools

⚐ To learn new physical skills or get in better shape

⚐ To perform and compete

⚐ To be part of a team

⚐ To strive for excellence and reach personal as well as team goals and dreams

⚐ To receive equipment skills and dance training from a highly experienced staff

⚐ To have one-on-one interaction with members of the CHS Color Guards

⚐ To learn basic skills, and meet members before joining the CHS Color Guard


When does the JV season start?

The JV season typically starts in mid to late September. Throughout the season, JV rehearses every Monday and Wednesday from 6-8:30pm at Carmel High School. There are also occasional Saturday rehearsals that will be listed on the schedule. Their season ends in March.

**Being a member of the color guard offers individuals the opportunity to work (really) hard, but also play (really) hard!! Members rehearse, perform, and compete as a team, while also achieving individual success. Be prepared to work hard, sweat, laugh, cry with joy, scream with excitement, and have a blast!!**

For any further questions or more information, please contact Sally Ware: at